Needy Little Things

Isn’t need a funny thing?

At first I didn’t mean need as in basic necessities, but now I am thinking, how do we as individuals define our necessities?

Recently, my significant other moved about 3 hours outside of our hometown to finish the last two years of his degree. Out of the 6 years we’ve been together, this is our first time apart. We’ve awaited his move since our first year anniversary.

We had been friends even before that for 5 years. He is my best friend.

When you share a life together for 6 years – the smiles, the pain, the growth – it’s hard to (I hate to say it) start a new life on your own. No, we haven’t broken up, but I’ve had to make new memories in the places we’ve shared.

It’s freeing, and painful, because I feel that I need him. He has become one of my basic necessities.

Though everyday it becomes a little easier, his absence has felt like a death in the family. But we have to pick up our lives and find a new space for these loved ones. I’m building a spare room for him in my heart, though he used to occupy the entire home.

I am critical of myself for feeling this way. My need makes me feel weak, it makes me feel lonely. But this is my journey, and I wouldn’t trade the opportunities and experiences that have come from this life change for our lives as they were. I am growing as a person.

We all share basic human necessities, but if we were to list a few more, what would they be?

Do we need alone time or a friend to keep us sane? Many of us would almost feel empty and anxious without our cell phones. Aren’t we in need of both of these things? Which needs are healthy and beneficial for us, and which are holding us back from fully experiencing our lives?

Is need essentially an Earthly care in itself? Is it okay to need other human beings?

Self-reflection is so valuable for all of us, and I hope that I have brought you to ponder the needs in your everyday life.

Share your story with me in the comment section below!



3 thoughts on “Needy Little Things

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  1. I struggled with that need for so long! You’re really correct in saying that not having someone around anymore is like a death in the family. That’s exactly what it feels like. It’s so very painful, but at the same time I grew immensely closer to God. I would not change what happened to me if I could. If I told myself that a little over a year ago, I think that I would’ve slapped myself! All I can say is that it very slowly gets easier. If you’re upset, then talk to God about it. Be open to try new things, and never hesitate to contact me or another friend when you want to do something. I always thought that I was a burden, but that’s never true if they’re your real friend! Love you! ❤


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