Suicide – Talk About It

I logged into Facebook this morning to learn that this early September week is devoted to Suicide Prevention.

I felt slightly warmed by that, because even though suicide is a heart-wrenching, uncomfortable subject, it happens every. single. day. It deserves our attention, if only for seven days.

I feel that the majority of people avoid the issue of suicide until it happens to someone they knew. Not that it’s a water cooler topic, but from my experience and reading on this issue, a person does not just choose to end their life overnight.

Many religious leaders are beginning to view death by suicide as the result of a deep, mental illness, rather than a sin by choice.

Regardless of the reason for a suicide, We need to first and foremost learn to recognize the warning signs of a suicidal person. We may feel, “this is not my problem to deal with”, and you’d be right. But, just maybe, you are the only person who can see their depression.

Your problem to deal with or not, you could be the person who saves their life.

We need to develop an obligation to our society: our neighbors, our community, our environment, and everything in it. Not “obligation” as in going to church on Christmas Eve because we have to, or doing the dishes tonight because we are obligated to do them. No.

That suicidal man, woman, teenager, child, elder IS your responsibility. His/her/their life DOES depend on your actions, or inaction. Both were chosen by you.

The hearts of millions were heavy as we learned of Robin Williams’ death. We think of the randomness of such news, we wonder what went wrong, we think:

But he seemed so happy…

The people you walk past, drive next to, and talk to everyday are dealing with individual struggles.

Some may have had a failed suicide attempt last night.

I would apologize for such a somber post, but I am not sorry. I am, however, very thankful that this week exists and is publicized on social media.

Take a few minutes to ask someone how they’re doing today.

We are society.

I Am Society



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