1 New Notification – About Social Media

Does the image above make you anxious?

I believe that most of us (especially millennials) are hard wired to react to these little red boxes, sort of like a Pavlov’s Dogs type thing.

A friend of mine told me that as he was crossing the border of the U.S. to Canada for vacation, a notification popped up on his Facebook profile, just as his data and wifi left him for the next week. Could you imagine the anxiety?!

One of my favorite topics in communication courses is social media. It’s a whole new playing field in regards to promoting brands, products, and events. On the pop culture side, as soon as a celebrity debuts a new hair color, or a TV show host fumbles their lines, the Internet knows about it.

Walking to my car after classes yesterday, I realized how much social media interaction with the university and other students is encouraged on campus. My university hangs posters in the halls with its social media account information and hashtags easily seen. Sometimes, students’ photos are featured on the university’s social media pages. I caught myself thinking of new pictures I could take around campus to share with the school.

I couldn’t help but wonder: what if social media was used the same way in high schools?

Would a Facebook account and personalized hashtags have made your high school experience better? Would it have fostered a community among the students and teachers, as it does in college?

Hm, I’m not so sure. There are a few more restrictions when it comes to holding a high schooler’s attention in class, and a certain level of assumed maturity as to what they would contribute to the school’s online presence.

Regardless, social media plays a huge roll in our lives, and I am a firm believer that we can use it as a tool to accomplish more, but we cannot lose ourselves in the process.

Social media entices us to share our opinions, but are they informed opinions? At what point does our personal expression become a passive-aggressive jab at an ex-friend? Are our 140 characters put to good use? Is “what’s on your mind” necessary to hear?

We’ve invented a tool that connects us all at any given time.

What is your opinion of society’s use of social media?


One thought on “1 New Notification – About Social Media

Add yours

  1. I would say that most people use social media incorrectly. It’s not really a place to ask for help or complain, which is what most people do. That should be done with real people. I like to use social media to encourage others and talk about my passions. I think that’s how it should be used. The person that I put forth on social media is not completely me. It’s only part of who I am. I think people forget that.


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