Not Caring Didn’t Make Me Happier

Often, while scrolling through Pinterest to pass time, searching for outfit ideas, or to simply relax, I’ve stumbled upon this quote:

I’m not particularly a fan of it.

I’m sure several of you have seen it, and I’m sure several of you have believed it when you’ve felt defeated. Beaten down. Tired of trying.

Believe me, I’ve tried not caring. It is a luxury to think that ignorance is bliss, that obliviousness is a happy life. Isn’t that what it’s saying?

Maybe it’s true that being less aware of the issues in our culture makes for a life that is simpler, but it becomes a life in which we are only concerned with ourselves.ย My clothes, my interests, me.

We must evaluate the level of fulfillment we are receiving from our lives. Satisfying our personal needs and wants is only a fraction of our purpose on Earth.

Since happiness is relative and defined differently from person to person, I can say that my personal happiness has not been achieved by caring less.ย 

I love my S.O., and some of my happiest times with him were when I felt the most love among us. The most care. Happiness, however, is such an underestimate and discredit to all of the other beautiful and meaningful words that describe my feelings in these moments.

Understanding, harmony, peace, wholeness.

Happiness should not be the only criterion of a good life.

We all need time to unwind, unplug, and decompress. We all feel the overwhelmingness of the world – disappointments and opportunities. A difficult idea to grasp is the value in our ability to feel deeply about anything. Deeply sad, inconsolable, heartbroken. Can you see the beauty in the complexity and range of our emotions?

My assumption about this quote, written in a whimsical font and placed atop of a field of daisies, is it is referring to caring about what others think of us. Isn’t that such a small concern compared to everything else?ย 

Our ability to care is a beautiful feature of the human condition. For some of us, caring is happiness.

So yes, withdraw, relax, and step away from the world for a bit. But never stop caring.


2 thoughts on “Not Caring Didn’t Make Me Happier

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  1. Often I’ve observed from myself that when I tried to not care, I was just pushing the bigger problem under the rug. I ended up prolonging the healing process, which I regret.


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