New Beginnings and Endings

One week ago today, Vance and I became engaged in New York City, amid terrorist threats to the city and various attacks carried out in places across the globe weeks before. For me, it was our little spark of hope in the ever-changing, dark world that seems to be evolving. New beginnings.

When you are in the middle of such a beautiful time in your life, it’s hard to believe there are people in the world that aren’t happy too, aren’t celebrating with you. Typing that sentence now, I can see it comes across a little self-absorbed, but everything feels brighter when people are happy. It is also in the midst of all of the excitement where you find people who cannot stand to share in your happiness. This is a new ending.

In a world where basic human rights are stolen, young people are stripped of their innocence so early, and countless numbers of people have no where to call home, we must pick our battles. We must choose to be happy in every opportunity that we can. I may not always live this way, but I need to try.

My mom has said that we have to hold on to one another in this life, because that is all we have. I am sad that there are people in our world so miserable that they cannot be thankful for what and who they have in their own lives. If it is jealousy, I could name to you so many things you should be grateful for. If that is not enough, I wish you could share in the happiness of this moment in my life.

We cannot force these people to be happy, that is something they must choose themselves. We also cannot let their words and actions burden us.

For now, I’ll call it a new beginning for me.


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