Millennials: What will define us?

Thinking back on when Myspace was in its prime, all the way up to the fairly recent onset of social media like Instagram and Snapchat, I see a common thread: a bio section.

Write a description here. Tell us about yourself. Insert bio here.

It’s kind of funny – you want me to explain myself, all 21 years, in your limited amount of characters and symbols? Some resort to emojis, the teensy-sized icons of ice cream cones and facial expressions. The entire concept of emojis could take up its own blog post. Do we find it easier to explain ourselves with words or with pictures, and why do we feel the need to at all?

We’ve heard the names of generations: silent, baby boomer, generation x, and so on. We are the Millennials, the turn of the century children. And since generations are mainly categorized by historical events that have taken place in their lifetime, what events will we be remembered for?

Technology, medical advances, music, art, equality, and terrorism are probably all categories that could fit into every generation..but are they positive or negative for us millennials? Were our technological advancements actually a hinderance to our experience on Earth? Do we minimize ourselves by writing that bio?

On a psychological level, what do we think of those with an impressive bio versus those without one? Do we ward people off by what we write in them, or are we trying to entice them? Citizens of the world now have their own headlines, like the title of an article or description on the back of a book that we skim to decide if we will read it.

Is that how we want people to feel about us?

Thought of the day: consider what you are feeding into the world and the legacy you are creating for not only yourself, but for humanity.


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  1. Don’t pigeon hole yourself, there are enough people out there who will do it for you – if you let them


    1. Carissa says:

      I agree. Our habits on social media are so interesting, I’d love to study them more deeply. Thank you for your contribution!


    2. Sabiscuit says:

      That is such a brilliant response. Defining is about making it easier for people to judge us. I agree we should not facilitate that.


      1. Carissa says:

        Great thoughts! I think it has become human nature to assign labels. We have to break the cycle.

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      2. Sabiscuit says:

        I think your article was a great way of bringing those feelings out into the open. That way, we have a good reason to move forward. Best wishes for the weekend ahead.


  2. G.R. Kotyuha says:

    Do something constructive with your lives! Face to face meetings and conversations!


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