Tattoos, piercings, and dark clothing.

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Deadly Alone

Have you ever felt intimidated by a human being with tattoos, piercings, and dark coloured clothing? Are they scary? Up to no good? Or just simply, trouble makers?

I have a big problem with this in society. I honestly do not know why if a person with those body modifications, we’re all allowed to judge, and shun these human beings. Instead of wanting to view their body art, we walk away, and assume they are trash.

I am a 17 year old, female. I have a total of five facial piercings, and stretched ear lobes. I wear a lot of black, as well has dyed hair. I get many dirty looks wherever I go. And why is that? It’s because I fit the description of trouble makers. But I want you to think.. “Is she actually a trouble maker, or am I going to assume she…

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