How would you spend your $900 million?

What? You know what I mean. 

One of the most trending topics on the Internet, news, and around the water cooler has been the Powerball prize of $900 million.

If you’ve entered, you’ve thought of at least a few things you’d spend the cash on: that much needed vacation (several actually), quit work, new cars for me, my parents, and even the guy down the street, and how you could trash your entire wardrobe for a new line of clothes you’d never be able to afford on your own.

The chance is slim, slimmer than slim… And yet we hope. Winning $900 million is probably something most people would agree they’d enjoy in such a split society.

Thousands upon thousands of people rushed out to their local gas stations to play numbers. Eager, excited, anxious people ready to stake their claim of the money, waiting for winning numbers to appear on the screen.

If they lose, it’s just another disappointment to be racked up. Read the winning numbers, change into pajamas and head to bed, for there’s work to be done and money to earn in the morning.

If they win, their lives will be changed, if God could cut me a break this one time… I’ll finally be able to buy my kids… I’ll finally be able to go… I’ll be throwing money out on the streets…

Will we finally be happy once we win that prize? We know we’ve said that more than once: I’ll be happy if I could just… Then, once it’s achieved, I’ll be happy once I… 

Personally, the thought of winning that prize would be a dream and it would eradicate many problems – financial problems. But, it wouldn’t solve the way I feel about myself what I feel defeated and unloved. I wouldn’t feel any more comforted when I’m alone, it wouldn’t erase my anxiety.

We can’t continue to think that money will solve our problems. In our consumeristic society, we are trained to not only know, but believe that money is the answer. Part of the notorious American Dream is earning the things we’ve worked for. Our habits and wants have made it almost impossible to enjoy working for the things we want. We would rather skip the feeling of fulfillment that comes with working, and go straight to the part where we get what we’ve wanted.

On the flip side, at least we’ve had the freedom to create this culture. We’ve created the Powerball frenzy, the ultimate bandwagon. But we all have the choice of whether or not to participate, despite the temptation, despite our wants.

Yesterday evening, my family chose to take the $10 meant for our chance at $900 million and spend it on an ice cream-evening at home for all of us, something we haven’t done in a long time. To me, that $10 went much farther than it was worth.


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