I’ll get there

I have so many dreams. Some, I know that I have, but I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there.

I love the thought of traveling, especially to new places. My most exciting thought is discovering a hidden treasure, not of gold or money, but an underrated place full of beautiful experiences. A little spot to call my own.

This spring, I was supposed to travel out of the country for the first time with my fellow communication majors. Financial hardship has now made it impossible for me to go. I like to believe everything happens for a reason, and though I am not too upset right now, I know that once I see all that my classmates have done during their trip, I will only wonder what if.

Money isn’t necessarily what holds me back from my travel dreams.ย I am also an anxious person, and a homebody. I feel physically drained if I am far from my home for too long. The thought of going far, far away is both exhilarating and fearful.

I’ve always talked with Vance about where we’d like to honeymoon, and our dream is Italy and Greece. The food, the romance, and environment are probably all things you could never put into words. Even still, I’d miss home. I’d become miserable: tired of walking, aching muscles, some kind of food poisoning.


Must I always have a wanderlust from afar? I’m always dreaming of these places, but I can’t imagine myself there. I don’t think that I’d ever be able to let loose enough to allow myself to fully enjoy the trip. Something else that scares me is if I can’t do it now, will I ever be able to?


Just like with everything else, we may not be there now, but we’ll get there. My mom always says, we are ready for things when the time comes. Maybe my conservativeness is leading me on a purposeful track. Who says I will always be this way?

I know that I will always be moved to travel, and like everything else, I will get there… when I’m ready.



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