What Facebook Taught Me About Hate


3) Conflict is inevitable. 

For every single belief you have, there is someone who believes the exact opposite. Are they wrong, or are you right? What about neither?

Perception is reality. Each of us has beliefs and opinions because of the way we’ve reasoned out the world in our heads. We all have our own methods of thinking.

2) Debate facts, not feelings

Many people take to Facebook to express their opinion of what should be done about terrorism, immigration, the welfare system, election, etc., and that’s fine. Because it is your opinion. What isn’t fine are posts that demean others for their own opinion. The Internet is divided because each side believes solving our nation’s problems is a no-brainer. OF COURSE we need a wall to keep immigrants out! OF COURSE we should grant amnesty to immigrants! It no longer has anything to do with political beliefs. We curse at each other, threaten each other, and wedge a gap deeper between us.

There are less gray areas in facts. If you don’t know where you stand in this election, take out your phone and Google a candidate. Decide for yourself, not because of who your friend or parents vote for. Not because of a post on social media. If you don’t know if you agree with the Black Lives Matter movement, Google it. Read. Decide for yourself, not from the Facebook posts. 

1) Be Authentic

This doesn’t mean flaunting every belief in your library. It means doing your part. Become an actual functioning member of your society. Democracy was built for all of us and it fails when we don’t use it. Regardless of which side you are on, the peaceful protesters today are acting on their constitutional rights as functioning members of society. They’ve decided to do more than share their opinion on the Internet. Participate in change, no matter what issue it is, no matter what side you are on.

You Are Society


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